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The Disabled birders associations website, join up now.

The The RSPB website, join up now.

The Bird life international, join up now.

The Young Peoples Trust for the Environment.

Birding resources:

Fatbirder, possibly the best birding resource on the web.

Birdguides a great site for rarity fans.

Surfbirds a great site for images.

British Ornithology Union website.

Naturepix a great site for images.

BBRC, British Birds Rarity Commitee.


Bucks Birds My local bird group.

North Bucks RSPB site

Haryana birds Details of the birds to be found here.

Israels birds Details of the birds to be found here.

Irish birding - Details of the birds found here etc.

A source for Bird photos online.

Oriental Bird Images Oriental birding resource.

The Owl Pages - All about Owls. Descriptions of different Owl species including photos and calls. There are also sections for Owl Artwork, Mythology, Books, Collectables and more.

A new bird image library, where you can add your own photos..

Birding Holidays:

Bird Tours - One of the leading tour companies.

Bulgaria - Not just offering birding, but other activities in Bulgaria.

Other Digiscopers:

An excellent and informative digiscoping page.

A friends site, with excellent new shots from his home in Ecuador.

Laurence Poh the first digiscoper!

Tristan Bantock

An excellent German Digiscoping site.

Digiscoped bird photos from Bakewell, Derbyshire and beyond.

Andy Holt A digiscoping site.

Yves Leduc A Canadian digiscoping site.

Ann Cooks birds of Manitoba site. - a nice site for info on the subject.

photos from Beds birder Andy Plum.

Jussi Vakkalas site - Both digiscoping and DSLR.

Dylan Mackey - An excellent digiscoping site.

George Spraggs - An excellent digiscoping site, From this Hampshire birder.

Ben Van den Broek - An excellent digiscoping site, with photos from around the world.

John Bland and Gillian Howden - A couple of local digiscopers. - Another excellent digiscoping site.

Other Photographers:

Sue Andy Tranter, another superb photograper

Nigel Blake A superb photographer, one of my favorites.

Some incredible photos and water colours.

James Packer - Another photographer, but also has trip reports and a local patch page.

Alan Clewes- Another photographer, but also has trip reports and a local patch page.

Digital, a nice Dutch site with English translations.

Chris Galvin, another excelent photographer.

Mark Elvin - Some excellent photos.

Peter Jones - Another Milton Keynes photographer


The best forum on the web!

Digiscoping Yahoo Group An interesting email group!

Other websites of interest:

Dragonflies - A local dragonfly site, with some excellent photos.

Help stop this local lake being developed any more.

MK Ramblers - The local rambling group.

Bucks badgers - My local badger group.

Mikes home page - A fellow local birder.

A fellow birder, who uses some of my photos on his site.

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