Marbler duck

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Welcome to this new site, here we aim to bring you a comprehensive list of all the planets endangered birdlife, and unfortunately a list of those birds that are sadly no longer with us. This is not a scientific site and we do not include birds that are vulnerable or that data is not known about. More information about these birds can be found at Birdlife internationals website. Our aim here is to show the amount of species currently on the Endangered/Critical lists, and to hopefully encourage people to stop and think. Our original plan was to include all wildlife on the red data list but sadly, as these number well into the thousands it has proved far to complex a challange. Details of all the red data species can be found at Redlist. org and more information is obtainable from the IUCN website.

We welcome any help that you may have to offer, and anyone with photos of any of the species listed here, that are willing to let us use them please contact us here.

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